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Chad ; Touring The Majestic Desert

Chad is a land locked country to the north of Africa in an area called the Sahel, which is fairly large. Its vibrant capital city goes by the name N’Djamena.

Why Visit Chad?

Chad is a desert country with mountains to the north. It is home to a friendly people that greatly respect their culture. The reason why many go to Chad is to see the huge Chad Basin which is also home to the second largest water body in Africa, which shockingly used to be at least 10 times its current size.

While in Chad…

The first thing you should go and see is the majestic Chad Basin. The Chad Basin also inhabits a lake as stated before. You would not have been to Chad if you did not see or better yet hike through the Basin. The cities filled with ancient architecture tell old stories of battles won and those lost as do the museums and the historic sites. If you’re filling adventurous, you could join a caravan and ride through the desert refreshing at the oasis on your way.

How to get there

Since it is land locked, there are only two ways to get there- by air and by road. Most people opt to travel by air so as to avoid the desert that you would have to pass through if you were coming by road. Chad is a relatively developed country; therefore, there are airports in every city. Even with most people coming by air, it is not impossible to come by road if you are already in another country.

What you will need to get there

Your passport will come in handy. A visa is also required unless you are a citizen of selected countries in West and North Africa. Visas are also available when you have arrived into the country. You can purchase a visa depending on how long you will be staying or how often you plan on visiting the country.


There are very many hotels in Chad especially within the cities. The hotels price range depends on the location of the hotel and what services the hotel is offering as do the hotels in many countries. There are also guest houses available for you.

Travelling within the country by hiring a car

Most of the time, you will find yourself travelling by road. There are taxis available to take you to very many places in the country, and there also many buses and other forms of public transport. Though, you may find that using car hire or renting a car may be a lot more comfortable.

Using a car renting service will give you the freedom of going to more places than a bus would normally take you. Car hire also assures that you cater for your own safety rather than adepending on a stranger to drive you around. It would be better for you to hire a car and determine your schedule.

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